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Make post-Soviet great again
Studying the early attempts of the Bauhaus and Vkhutemas members in the clothing design, we created a series of photographs that holds the feeling of inspiration for the future and the revolutionary character within itself that was inherent in the titans of those years creative revolution.
The material, which appeared as suitable for the manufacturing of clothes for workers, and later became indispensable in the collections of almost every brand, still remains the most important part of the wardrobe of people of any gender.
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From the Trump’s campaign slogan to the caps with the Google logo – any sort of them crashes into the trend phenomenon, and this serves as a kind of the postmodern manifesto.
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The concept of LYUTO implies the collaborative creativity of designers and our store for promoting modern fashion created on the post-Soviet territories. A mutual initiative is needed to achieve this goal. We will be glad to get suggestions from designers about different ways of collective interaction.
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